About Us




Kayaba Management Foundation (KAYFUND) is local NGO situated in Tamale.  KAYFUND was established 2 years ago to work with rural farmers in areas of extension and training, research and development in identifying appropriate technologies towards improvement of the rural economies, sustainable agriculture and food security leading to improved incomes and livelihood for rural Small Holder Farmers (SHF).

Kayaba Management Foundation is dedicated to training young people to tackle problems in post harvest and develop technologies or techniques in their own communities, by working directly with farmers, food traders and marketers, and providing information, demonstrations and education in their own local languages. We train these young people via low cost based programs, with assignments, readings, fieldwork and written reports that are published to increase information and technologies with the hope that the knowledge and skills they gain will go a long way toward solving food loss and waste problems.

The project leader Hussein Yunus Alhassan is well qualified post-harvest technologist who has been involved in several post harvest researches both locally and at internationally. The organization is new but well connected to both local & international stakeholders and knowledgeable personalities (via the project leader) who are expects or professionals in providing extension services using participatory design methodologies, and farmer-based  appropriate research procedures, etc.


Our mission; is to promote peace and food security education and advocacy through research and training.


Our vision; a world class training and research centre applying innovative and farmer participatory methodologies of research and extension depicting the traditions and cultures of the sub-region.



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